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Affiliate programs are the ideal way to make your web site profitable. There is such a huge range of web affiliate programs now available to

suit you and your site. We call the best affiliate sites for PPG Partners and that means that we highly recommended this affiliate program and

that they live up to 5 things.

  • Commission payment always on time.
  • Support section work to our satisfaction.
  • Easy setup guide lines.
  • Fast contact. (email or phone)
  • We Trust and use this Affiliate Program.
ProPlay Gaming gives this software fumes up in regards to the 3 times S, Support, Safety and Stability! This mark is only given to brands that are on the ProPlay-Gaming Partner list. 

If one or more of this guide lines is not meet the
Program or site will not get the PPG Partner Award.

This site is given the “Not a PPG Partner”, read more on the Affiliate page.



Affiliate Club  - casino, poker and bingo.


Affiliate Lounge  - casino and poker.


Bingo Royalty - bingo.


BrightShare  - casino and poker.


CashWave - casino and bingo.


Casino Blasters  - casino and bingo.


Casino Coins  - casino.


Casino Profit Share  - casino, poker and bingo.


Chipleader Affiliates  - poker.


Cpays Affiliate  - casino, poker and bingo.


Euro Partners  - casino, poker and bingo.


Fortune Affiliates - casino, poker and bingo.


Gaming Dollars  - bingo.


Gaming Partners  - casino, poker and bingo.


Hollywood Poker Affiliates  - casino and poker.


Red Hot Partners  - backgammon.


ReferBack  - casino and bingo.


Referspot  - casino and poker.


Revenue Giants  - casino and bingo.


Rewards Affiliates  - casino and poker.


Star Partner  - casino, poker and bingo.


The Bingo Affiliates  - bingo.


VIP Profits  - casino and poker.


Wager Profits  - casino and poker.